What is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and how can one help you?

Positive Psychology is the science of human flourishing. It is all the ‘stuff’ that makes us good and how we can use it to make us even better. This can be personally, through work and business interactions, or on a community and societal level. We can then use what is good to help us process and work with things that maybe cause us problems or discomfort.

A positive psychology practitioner is someone who practices this in their own life and has the skills to help others practice it also. They can provide support to businesses, individuals, families and more. A positive psychology practitioner can introduce you to easy and available interventions that can make an improvement on your wellbeing such as introducing you to your signature character strengths and how to use them.

Other areas to look at with a positive psychology practitioner would be self-care and self-love. We can look at social connection and resilience. Goals, meaning and purpose. Motivation, mindfulness and gratitude plus more.

If you are feeling like a new positive direction is your way forward or know of someone  who is feeling this way then a positive psychology practitioner may be just what is needed.

As a master of applied positive psychology I am keen to help others live their best life and start a scientifically backed wellbeing journey. If you want to learn more about how I can help you then please contact for a free consultation.

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