What have you done to be kind today?

Today, Tuesday 13th November, is world kindness day so it’s a very good day to be kind. But why wait for a special day when you can be kind all the time.

There are lots of ways to be kind and they do not have to involve money such as giving to charity or buying someone something. You can volunteer your time, pick up some litter, help someone carry their shopping, hold the door open, bring your neighbours bins in and much more.

Ulterior motives for kindness! Lots of people seem to be suspicious of a kind act. They think there must be some kind of motive behind the kindness. And there is….

Kindness makes us feel good!
By releasing serotonin in the brain. Not only is this great for us but if you witness a kind act you get the same feeling too and so does the recipient of the kindness. So, it is good for you and everyone else, it is contagious.
We can all be responsible for this passing on of happy hormones. Imagine how many people you could ‘infect’ if you did just one kind act a day.
Kindness is also a character strength from the VIA character list of 24 strengths. I have these fantastic Lego strengths cards from workmad and the children I teach love them (and the adults too). They are fun and we all need to have fun.


‘Kindness is the Language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see’ Mark Twain

Kindness is about doing good for others and enjoying it. It falls under the virtue of humanity which is great for our relationships with others. If you feel you maybe need a boost to your strength of kindness, trying doing a small generous thing for someone. Remember this doesn’t have to involve money, try just giving someone a genuine compliment. Such as ‘Cat, you write such interesting posts.’ Ahhhhh thanks 🙂

So, what have you done today to be kind? Let me know below. Or maybe you are the recipient of kindness and want to show your gratitude.

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