Have you become a human doing?

Busy, busy, busy. It feels like it’s quite fashionable to be busy. Do you dare tell someone you have done nothing apart from just ‘be’ for a day?
I mean, Life’s too short isn’t it? We must rush through it doing as much as possible. Working more and more. Making sure the kids are achieving their potential in every single after school club possible. Make sure you are keeping fit, exercising as much as possible as well as cooking freshly prepared meals. Don’t forget you need hobbies, pass times, things that make you interesting. You need to read blog posts, social media threads and keep up with the news and latest goings on in a 24/7 world!
But what about taking time to just BE. When was the last time you stopped and fully enjoyed the experience of just being?
This is a time where people set new goals and intentions for the year. Or more often referred to as resolutions. A great way to achieve these and make them more likely to stick is to enjoy the journey. Be mindful each day of your experience in the present moment.
What does it mean to be mindful?
Quite often, in a busy world we are constantly looking to the next ‘thing’ or looking to the end result.

  • ‘If I work really hard and earn loads of money I can then relax and enjoy it.’
  • ‘If I put in more hours than everyone else in my team, I will keep one step ahead.’
  • ‘If I exercise like mad and eat healthy during the week, I can have a major blow out at the weekend.’

This is all the opposite of mindfulness. It is based on a future outcome that we are rushing towards. These statements are not mindful of the journey we all take on the way to our goals or resolutions. To achieve a great end result and stay motivated it is better to stay present and open to your experiences on the way. This enables us to stay flexible in our decisions and change the course of our journey when needed so we still achieve our end result. It can also bring us greater joy and fond memories of what we get to experience on the way.
Mindfulness is ‘non-judgemental awareness of the present moment’ (Kabat-Zinn)
If you are working so hard and make yourself unwell in the process are you going to fully enjoy that money or will it be spent on making yourself better?

If you are trying so hard to stay ahead of the game and your relationships suffer will you enjoy the work and be welcomed into the success of the team?
If you exercise and restrict your diet as a punishment for the weekend are you able to enjoy the taste of your favourite foods and drinks or enjoy the amazing things your body can achieve in an exercise class or gym?

When we live in our present moment, when we are mindful of what is here and now, not what is to come, we can spend time ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’. This being is where we can recover from the rush off life. We have a chance to recover from stress and anxiety. We have a chance to appreciate and enjoy the journey of life we are on.

Just take time to be a human ‘being’ not a human ‘doing’.

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