We all have super powers

Character strengths are things we all have. Yes, even you. I am not talking talents or abilities. I am talking pure strength of character, your own set of super powers. There is something in us, our personalities if you will, that makes us who we are. We use them, often unknowingly to our advantage throughout our life which makes us feel good.

Sometimes we do over or under use them and more often than not we focus on what we struggle with and this can all make us feel low. First off let’s find out what they are.

The 24 VIA character strengths (www.viacharacter.org) were researched by psychologists and found to be relatively universal. This means most humans across the globe value these character strengths in others. They are….


Love, honesty, judgement, love of learning, humour, creativity, curiosity, fairness, humility, teamwork, leadership, appreciation of beauty and excellence, kindness, gratitude, spirituality, prudence, perseverance, bravery, social intelligence, perspective, hope, forgiveness, zest, self-regulation.


If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook, you will have seen me post about one of these strengths each day over the month and their corresponding virtue. (follow here FB- @chillyourbeans2016 or Insta @chillyourbeansinfo )

Try this…
Take a look at the list above and choose five. These will be things that people may have mentioned to you. ‘Oh, you are so kind’ (kindness), ‘You never give up’ (perseverance), ‘you have so much self-control, id have eaten the whole box of chocolates.’ (self-regulation)!
Got five? Brilliant.


Having character strengths is an active and practical thing. We need to use them daily in order to boost our wellbeing. It makes sense when you think about it. If you can do something that you are naturally good at it makes you feel better and when we feel better, we are able to deal with our uncomfortable moments with greater ease. We are not ignoring the things we find difficult when focussing on strengths but giving ourselves a greater base of wellbeing to deal with everything. Focusing on the strengths of others helps us improve our relationships and remember what it is about the person we love.


Try this….
Write down the strengths you love in others. What are your children’s top strengths? Your work colleagues? Your partner? Tell them what you notice in them. Give them a boost of wellbeing and pride by telling them how amazing they are.


Now you know what your strengths are and what those of your significant others are go out and try to use them each and every day and notice them in everyone else around you too. If you need any more help, please get in touch. If you want your children to start discovering their strengths the wellbeing homework diaries for use at school explore the character strengths within them. These are now available to pre-order.

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