Things are changing. That is what it feels like at the moment. We were all carrying on as ‘normal’, (well life as we knew it at that point) and then everything changed.




But, if we think carefully. Things are always changing. You have changed, probably lots of times.

One thing we have to accept in life is that things change.


Try this: Take a moment to think or write down all the moments so far in your life where things have changed. There can be huge big changes and small tiny changes. Some of these will be changes you wanted to take place and will have felt exciting or comfortable at the time. Other changes can be unexpected, feel out of our control and very much unwanted. Once you have some examples, take time to think about how you dealt with these changes.

When we move through change and come out of the other side, we are building our resilience and showing how resilient we already are. Go you, you absolute resilient machine!

resilient machineChange can be difficult because it often brings with it the emotion of fear. Even if it is a welcome change there can be anxieties around it because it is leading us into unknown territory. Even if we have good expectations of what this new unknown will be like we can never be certain. So how do we cope with the fears and anxiety of change and become even more resilient than we already are?

Try this: Is the story you are telling yourself helpful? We often create stories around events and situations we face. If you are anything like me, these stories can often contain real catastrophe. I can go on forever in my head creating the worse case scenarios. How about creating the best-case scenarios of the change you are facing too? The chances are actual reality will be somewhere between these two stories. Take control of the stories you tell yourself.

change is good

As always, remember these things are all a practice. We all change as we grow as people and wellbeing is a continual journey. If you need any help with this or with anxieties around change, please join our private Facebook group where we run masterclasses and workshops for free. You can join here You can also contact me for 1:1 coaching session.

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