What does it mean to have values?

what does that mean

Schools have them. Companies have them. Brands have them. Families can have them and so can you personally.

You may see the use of words such as honesty, respect, community, compassion, plus many more.

What is most important to realise is that values should form our actions. It is all very well saying you have a value, but if you never take any action to live in accordance with your value is it really yours?honest


For example. If you say your value is honesty but you tell little white lies all the time, is it really your value?


Try this: have a think about what matters to you most. Then think about why. Do these things matter to you because they truly make you feel better, giving you meaning and purpose? Or do they only matter because someone else says they should?

When we have values that we action, we have more meaning and purpose and feel better. We achieve a heightened sense of wellbeing. And this is what we want more of, yes?feel amazing


The good thing about values, meaning and purpose, is that they bring us longer lasting, deeper wellbeing. This is sometimes about doing the things that are harder in the short term but have much more positives in the long term.


Try this: think about something you have worked hard towards. That had challenges and difficulties in the short term but gave you positive long-lasting rewards for the future. What values were important and being put into action for this to happen?

If you need any help with this, coaching is a great way to open the mind to new ways of moving forward positively. Find out more here.

As always, personal growth and change takes time. Enjoy the journey discovering your values and how they change along the way.

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