Emotional Rollercoaster

I have also seen this referred to as the emotional corona-coaster!


How have you all been coping with lockdown? Have your moods been better, worse, more consistent either way, or have been so up and down and round and round you feel numb?



Whichever way it’s been, I think it is fair to say that the pandemic has bought us all a chance to feel many emotions.



Try this: What are your emotions telling you? I am a big believer in our emotions being there for a reason. Fear lets you know that you should be aware of possible harm or injury. Belonging lets us know we have found our tribe. Disgust can stop you eating things that will make you very sick. Happiness can be a way of your body saying, ‘do that some more’. Take time to sit with how you are feeling; what are they saying to you?

inside out


We must also remember that our emotions are contagious. I have, plenty of times, blamed the kids for being moody, when it has in fact been me. My bad mood has spread through the house and you think everyone has a problem apart from yourself.


It is super important to remember that if we are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or angry the tensions of everyone around us will rise too. When have you blamed others for being a pain when it’s actually been you? The good news is this can work with all those comfortable feelings too. Have you ever started laughing just because others are? You may not have even known what was funny!

Try this: Smile. That is all. As you walk past people smile. See how many people you can get to smile back.


If you need any help with your emotions, especially as we had back to more normal situations and school, then please get in touch. We will have a family wellbeing course taking place very soon and available on thinkific.

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