Merry Christmas

What does your Christmas usually look like? Is it a materialistic day?

Materialism is all around us. It means that we put more value onto ‘stuff’ than other ideas such as kindness and love. It is hard not to be materialistic as this is how a lot of life works. It is also one thing that undermines our wellbeing as shown in Tim Kasser’s book, the high price of materialism.

Try this: every time you think you want something. A new top, pair of trainers, certain food or drink brand, anything: reflect on why you want it. Why particularly that top? Why specifically that brand? We have been advertised to since the day we were born. We have been shown constant media on how we should look. Do you want this stuff because you need it or because you think you should or must have it?

Valuing ‘stuff’ or money, power, success in a sense that success means money and more stuff correlates highly with lower wellbeing, lower self-worth and less satisfying relationships with others.
Valuing kindness, love, equality, self-respect, honesty and much more correlate highly with greater wellbeing and sense of self as well as better connections with others.
What ways can you fill your hearts this Christmas with values that boost your wellbeing rather than deplete it?

Try some of these:
🚶Walk and listen to an amazing podcast which is inspiring.🎧
🧁Do some baking and then gift the goodies to someone nearby. Leave them on the doorstep 🍰
📚 Pick up a book and read something new 📖
☎️ Get on a zoom call with some people you haven’t seen for ages📞
🎤 Sing along to some Christmas tunes and have a dance in the front room🎶
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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