Group Coaching

Dates for the 28 day course to bring you happiness will be released soon

YOU should be the awesome wellbeing role model your family needs.

This private 28 day Facebook group will transform positivity into practical daily habits even if you are busy or juggling multiple jobs (parent, employee, hug giver, book reader, homework helper, taxi and much, much more!)

Invest in yourself here with a one off payment for 28 days worth of transformational content.

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First things first;

You should be a member of this group if you want access to expert coaching and psychological advice enabling you to beat anxiety, low self-esteem and stress.

Here’s the thing;

Your family is worthy of the best of you. Nurturing a young person through childhood and further into teen years is demanding. You already are their greatest role model and should still invest in this further.

The tricky thing is;

How do you teach this at home? Ever heard the phrase ‘monkey see, monkey do’? I realised through work on my own wellbeing, stress levels, mental health and self-love that my children benefited from seeing me flourish. Take care of yourself first.

Learn how to boost your wellbeing, self worth, confidence and psychological flexibility by signing up to the group here…

Sign me up to the private Facebook group


The fact is you should find time to relax, meditate and be more mindful in practical ways that fit around your life. And the truth is, with this group you can.

Increase resilience, kindness, gratitude and understand more about who you are, how you can achieve your desires and most importantly pass this happiness onto your family.

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