Wellbeing in School


Wellbeing at school can and should be taught as part of an initiative to prevent mental ill health in our children but also as they grow into adults. If we give people a toolkit of skills to use throughout life we can build wellbeing and in turn resilience. Wellbeing is a practice that needs daily attention not just one off interventions. Just as we promote physical wellbeing with daily ways to stop the spread of germs for example we should be promoting daily habits that promote mental wellness.


School Wellbeing Workshops and Classes

school testimonialHow do you approach the topic of whole school wellbeing? Practical classes and workshops are fun and give us practical tools to take away and try at home and throughout school life. Workshops can be for the students, the teachers can get involved and parents can even join in. The possibilities are endless and we can fit in around your school and what you would like to cover and achieve. Get in touch with what you are after and we will design a programme that fits your school and your aims.

As a positive psychology practitioner I can also deliver expert talks on subjects around wellbeing with practical take away tips on living happier and mentally healthy life.

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