Wellbeing in School



Wellbeing at school can and should be taught as part of an initiative to prevent mental ill health in our children but also as they grow into adults. If we give people a toolkit of skills to use throughout life we can build wellbeing and in turn resilience. Wellbeing is a practice that needs daily attention not just one off interventions.

Personal diaries are available to schools but can be sold individually to parents if you want to start a wellbeing practice at home. The diaries last 41 weeks which is a whole school year giving students the holidays off to enjoy time with family and friends.

Diaries are available to order and individual diaries can be purchased on the Shop. If you would like to bulk buy for a school then please contact for a booking form.

These personal diaries are grounded in positive psychology research and are designed to be accessible, affordable and importantly, promote independent learning. Many schools already have homework diaries to encourage organisation of home learning tasks. Utilising the space in these, I have added wellbeing activities which are fun, quick and easy to use independently for students from as young as 4 years through to 18.

Here are activities used entirely independently by age 10 and 12 years to the left and age 5 to the right. Children need autonomy in their wellbeing education which these diaries provide.

If you wish to purchase a bulk order please contact chill your beans via phone 07971858346 or email chillyourbeansinfo@gmail.com for a booking form.

To purchase an individual diary please head over to the shop page here….Shop

School Wellbeing Workshops and Classes

school testimonialHow do you approach the topic of whole school wellbeing? Often there can be a lot of talking and talking is great. Practical classes and workshops are however fun and give us practical tools to take away and try at home and throughout school life. Workshops can be for the students, the teachers can get involved and parents can even join in. The possibilities are endless and we can fit in around your school and what you would like to cover and achieve. I work on a 12 steps to wellbeing process with activities available for each step. If you want to employ me for the entire programme we can work through the various steps involving the whole school community and more.

Local School Lunch Clubs:

For any schools local to the Beds, Herts, Cambs area we run very popular lunch clubs. There are limited spaces each half term so please book quickly. Parents are charged for their child to attend a 6 week wellbeing course, during lunch time. This provides some wonderful positive education in an affordable format and without impacting on activities and family life outside of school. The lunch club is £30 for 6 weeks with a maximum of 12 students per group. All administration is completed by ourselves you just need to let your parents know the club is available.

Current availability:

W/C 6th January to 10th February 2020 (Tues)

W/C 24th February to 30th March 2020 (Mon)

W/C 1st June to 6th July 2020 (Mon, Weds, Thurs)

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One off workshops for students:

Full Day (five 60 minute sessions) £405 (one workshop leader – 30 students per session. More if teachers wish to support, as well as a session for teachers and parents after school)

Please get in touch via email chillyourbeansinfo@gmail.com call 07971 858346 or drop a message through the Contact Form