headshotCoaching is a way to make positive changes in your life with the support of a positive psychology practitioner. We all deserve to be happy and live our best possible life and coaching can help you find new paths, goals, motivation and more. And yes, children and teenagers can benefit from this too.

I will always provide a free consultation over the phone. This is a no obligation chance to see if coaching is right for you and what you need. There is no minimum sessions contract.


review thomasCoaching can take place in many forms. I like to keep sessions practical and active so getting out in the fresh air to walk and talk or using practical tools such as strengths cards to further our conversations. Sessions are tailored to your needs. I can come to your home or wherever your child will feel most comfortable.
If you are interested, you can call 07971 858346 or pop on over to the contact page and fill in the form. I will then get back to you and we can arrange a convenient time to speak.