1:1 Sessions


headshot1:1 sessions are a great way to make positive changes in your life with the support of a positive psychology practitioner. We all deserve to be happy and live our best possible life and I can help you find new paths, goals, motivation and more. And yes, children and teenagers can benefit from this too. We can help build resilience and certainly do not need to wait for things to become unbearable before we ask for help.

Are you trying to control how you feel? Bury or ignore unwanted feelings? Maybe you are feeling anxious or low in mood? Is motivation a problem or there are no future goals in place? It is always possible that you have great ideas but you are limiting yourself with low self-worth and negative beliefs. The more we try to do this, the more it bothers us and makes it worse. Learn mindfulness and acceptance techniques and commit to creating and discovering a new positive path through life with your own package of 1:1 sessions either in person or via skype.

There are varying packages available for teens and for adults. If you are under 13 then we can still help. Please get in touch and we can go through the cost of individual sessions and tailor the below to suit your needs.

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